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“Take your dusty dreams off the shelf. It's time to take your pen, write your own life story and make those dreams happen!”

Michael Stowe of Kitchener, Ontario led an exceptionally busy life. Through his search for an opportunity to replace his overtime income, he discovered the truly life-changing gift of Arbonne.

I was 16 years into a career in Emergency Medical Services. When I received my pension statement and realized I still had 17 years left, I knew something had to change. My life was very busy, working 12-hour shifts both days and nights, and shuttling my two children to their competitive swim practices six days a week. What spare time I did have was focused on my wife, Julie, of 16 years. Julie was afflicted with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago, and we faced another health scare when she was diagnosed with colon cancer this spring.

I was looking for a way to replace my overtime income, so a health and wellness company that would allow me to leverage my time seemed like a perfect fit. After attending an Arbonne Presentation, I knew I could not let this opportunity pass. I wasn't exactly sure what the business entailed, but I knew that with the timing and trends of the economy, and the growing health and wellness field, I wanted to be part of this great adventure. My life began to change as I embraced the Arbonne opportunity.

One month later, in June 2010, I became a District Manager. My sponsor, Tabatha DeBruyn, had only been in the business one month longer than I had, so we learned and grew together, following our upline. I felt very fortunate to join a company of this stature and receiving training and support from a solid upline. I am so blessed to have Tabatha as my sponsor. I have learned and grown so much under her guidance, and it gives me great pride to say I am part of her team.

In September 2010, I attended CNTC Niagara Falls. I was fortunate to spend some time with Dr. Tom Barrett, who helped me overcome my fear of calling Clients. Former Canadian General Manager John Darraugh also took time to speak to me. He promised to be there when I received the keys at my Mercedes-Benz Car Presentation. A man of his word, I was honoured to have John speak at my Region's car party in June 2011.

Through this journey, I have learned to face fears head on. Find the courage, take the risks and have faith in your ability to grow a strong business. Write your story, take the pen in your hand and decide what this opportunity means for you and your family. The Arbonne opportunity is a life-changing gift for those that have the courage to open it! While in Niagara Falls, I set a goal for myself to become an Area Manager before the next conference in Las Vegas. Four months into my business, I achieved that goal and set another goal of completing RVP before my one-year start date. Through the support of my amazing upline, my dedicated team and my family, I completed RVP in April 2011.

To NVP Tabatha DeBruyn: I will never be able to say thank you enough; I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life. Thank you for seeing in me what I did not, and giving me the tools to write my own story with Arbonne. You changed my life and the lives of my family.

To ENVP Camilla Scott-Eves: Thank you for the tremendous support with our launches, and the honest feedback you give at every training session.

To AMs Karolina Dolecka and Kara Mosburger: Thank you for your belief in our team, your hard work and your inspiring teams. We could not have done this without you.

To DMs Caitlin Simpson, Joy Pryor, Rod Smith, Amy Kreutzkamp, Michela Walsh, Jennifer O'Connor, Dani Geerlinks and Nic Geerlinks: Thank you for following in my belief and the system, and for helping others succeed as I helped you.

To the rest of our team: Thank you for believing in me and helping me grow as we travel this journey together.

To my parents and family: Thank you for allowing me to take this opportunity and make it into something to be proud of.

To the Canadian Home Office: Thank you for your support and guidance.

I need to thank my wife, Julie. She has become the product knowledge guru, the queen of creating handouts, and the “Arbonne Mom” to the team. She nurtures everyone on our team with her support, optimism and willingness to give generously of her time. She spends countless hours coaching and listening, truly caring about every individual. Julie is the main secret behind my rapid success, and I wouldn't want to share this with anyone else. We truly are a team.
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