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“There will always be reasons to wait, reasons to quit, and reasons to never start.”

Valerie Mackiewicz of Hamburg, New York, has always been a hard worker. When she discovered Arbonne, Valerie was working toward a master's degree, holding down two part-time jobs and raising her daughter as a single mom. But when she met her Sponsor and tried the products, Valerie decided to add Arbonne to her busy schedule. Thanks to that decision, she's now enjoying an amazing life with her family.

If you had asked me three years ago if I ever thought I'd see my face on one of these stories and driving a white Mercedes-Benz, my answer would have been, "What are you, crazy? At the time I was introduced to Arbonne, I was certainly not looking for a business opportunity. I had declined almost all in-home Presentation invites, and had yet to meet anyone successful in any business like that. As a 23-year-old single mom finishing a full-time graduate program and working two side jobs, I didn't need anything else on my plate.

At the first Presentation I attended, I met Sarah Barber, who had retired from teaching before her 30s to work Arbonne part time, and had more than replaced her full-time income. She wasn't pushy or weird or obnoxiously forward about the business — all of which I thought a person had to be to do a home-based business. Instead, she had a quiet confidence, shared amazing products, and spoke highly of this company and the people she was following to the top. It was mind blowing — how this gal and others like her were building their Arbonne businesses and experiencing the family time and financial peace I'd always dreamed of. But I told myself, "Great for them — they must be the lucky few," and resumed my daily grind.

My curiosity grew as I experienced the amazing results of Arbonne's skincare and healthy living products and watched Sarah continue to grow her businesses. After reading several Eye On Arbonne stories and connecting with NVP Emily Martin over an information call, I saw that these successful people were more like me than not. This was a secure, stable company of integrity with a compensation and business plan that works for those who work it. When I realized there was no risk or overhead in getting started, I began doing spa get-togethers two times a week, with Sarah alongside me every step.

It's important to note that my fears and hesitations didn't disappear — I just chose to do this in spite of them.

I took the focus off my crippling fear of rejection and failure and focused on the proof of other people's success in this company and all the reasons that my daughter and I really needed this to work.

Through illness, completing my master's degree, working full time, planning a wedding, and starting our blended family deep in debt, Arbonne fit right in the nooks and crannies and became the saving grace of financial flexibility and choices we wouldn't have had otherwise. Less than two years into my business, I was able to trade 9-5 for making my own schedule and enjoying quality time with my husband and kids. Our far-off dreams of family vacations and having money left over at the end of the month became reality. More rewarding than that, however, is helping others experience those benefits for themselves as they choose this opportunity.

There will always be reasons to wait, reasons to quit, and reasons to never start. But for me, those were really excuses. At some point, you have to choose to recognize that whatever holds us up or backs us out are the biggest reasons to say yes, jump all in, and never give up on the changes we are worthy of seeing in our lives. If you only knew what this business could do for you! I hope and pray with everything in me that you will choose to find out. Say no to your fears and excuses — and say yes to the hope in your heart! Follow the success of others and it will be yours to have and give. See you at the top!

Everything I do in Arbonne I learned from the ones who walked before me, came along with me, or simply stuck by me along the way.

To ERVP Sarah Barber, my amazing mentor in Arbonne and life - you thought you were adding a business builder but you were gaining a forever friend. I would not be here without you and your commitment to this business and your team and your family.

To NVP Emily Martin — thank you for branding me "NVP" from the day I started, and leading us all through your example of grace and generosity.

To my ENVPs Shelly Nelson, LaGenna Betts, and Carleeta Nelson - I pray I would be able to pass on the legacy of integrity and wisdom that you have given me.

To Barbara and Rebecca - your soft hearts and thick skin have made you nothing short of VPs waiting to happen. I can't thank you enough for all your help and dedication to your Whys and your teams.

To my Managers & Consultants — your Whys are my inspiration every day! Congratulations on starting your own dream team — beginning with YOU!

To my husband — your love and encouragement is the backbone of my growth spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. My gratitude for you won't ever fit into words.

To my children — I am so thankful to be able to spend more time with you thanks to this business. Your excitement and support have been everything to me!

Giving all the glory to God, who gives me His strength for each day.
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